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In Chinese, the pronunciation of our company name "Hontex" is akin to "Hung Loeng". In Chinese myth, "Hung Loeng" threaded the lovers together. "Hontex" threads creativity, nature and vigor together, also stringing our self-owned apparel brand MXN and high-technology multi-functional fabrics together and underpinning our outstanding brand image and products. (thread: one of the lengths of yarn forming the warp or weft of a fabric.)

The Chinese word of "Hon" is also akin to red color which symbolizes China. Our company logo is also of red colour, typifying the articulate company position - with a strong foothold in Fujian, Hontex eyes on China.

In 1993, I established Hontex with Mr. Tseng Chung-Cheng, Vice Chairman, and Mr. Liao Chin-Yi, Chief Executive Officer. With the spirit of striving for success, dedicating to creativity, confronting the challenges and reinforcing greater unity, coupled with acute business acumen and the relentless efforts over the past 16 years, Hontex has been attaining achievements with flying colors.

Hontex has been growing in strength and today we have become an enterprise with revenue in excess of RMB1 billion. Situated in Fuqing city, our production base covers an area of more than 111,960 square meters and is one of the biggest factories within the region. Each day, our 1,900 staff endeavors to cast the radiances to the company, the fashion industry and the society.

"Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back". This motto is also true for enterprise and otherwise it would be weeded out. In the face of the golden opportunities brought forth by the robust economy growth in China, the Group would not be complacent with our development and we definitely will continue to uphold our spirit in striving for creativity and proactively confronting the challenges ahead. We embrace the present opportunities and frame the brightest future, creating value for our shareholders.

Mr. Shao Ten-Po